How to qualify for a Review of the latest Google Adsense Site 2019

- Maret 28, 2019
For the pembisnis in the internet world like Blogger or Youtuber one important thing is to register the blog nor their youtube account in Google Adsense. It is already certain, if there are any who profess that they've become a blogger or a youtuber who just a hobby, it is because an account that they have not yet registered on Adsense and they make those reasons. However, this opinion is actually not completely true, because chances are 80% because the reason adsense and the rest is because it is a hobby or more. But it cannot be denied that a blogger or a Youtuber was able to get the money bags – bags, okay.

Many also from people-people who don't work in the real world such as in an Office or company but instead prefer to work online as a blogger or a youtuber or even undergo these two businesses together. To be able to get the income you want when blogging or via a youtube video you have to qualify in a Review site on Google Adsense. Previously you must register your account and blog the youtuber, however this is not as easy to turn the Palm of the hand. There are certain terms – these terms to note when registering at google adsense.

For a blog is indeed easier and faster to be able to register in adsense revenue, but in May of course not too large. While youtube itself is very difficult to be able to get your adsense account and also me-video monetization – the video was successfully uploaded. But for his latest information i.e. in the year 2019, Google has implemented a new way to add Google Adsense to your blog site. Then we could not do it again because semena – mena now site we will add in review first by Google.

To be able to successfully add a review site of google Adsense you should start using the latest way that has been set in accordance with the standard. Moreover, a new Blog that hasn't been listed on adsense, we won't know the mistakes that exist in our blog. Then list the latest 2019 serves to Adsense's Non-Hosted or Hosted Google. For that you want to pass in this stage? Yuk look at Tips and tricks to get a Google adsense site Review below.

How to qualify for a Review of the latest Google Adsense Site 2019
Article that we make in a blog does not violate the Adsense policies.
Article we make should not be copas (Copy Paste) or equal to the other blog or site. Well that's just some article or even an article in one blog
For now, more recommended using only 1 image in one article that is on at the beginning of the sentence
Minimum signed up to Google Webmaster Tools, it is also recommended to the other webmasters like Yandex and Bing
Create a page As part of the contact, Disclaimer, Privacy, and also About
Maximize display i.e. structuring blog template. Change the template to a responsive is not recommended, it is better you simply maximize the present template setup only. When visitors to your blog is already pretty much, replace the template could be detrimental
It should be noted that is a link to the error in navigation, for example a link to the sign, such as "#" on the layout or template.
Make sure also that the domain does not have a bad reputation against the Google domain, such as former Banned.

Review Site this is not difficult if you follow the tips already given. When you're done, then a blog or site that we will add in review by google within 1 X 24 hours.  Hopefully with the existence of this article can provide the answer to your concern regarding the latest features "Review Site" from Google Adsense.

There are some Google Adsense account which is not through stages of review. For a new account would have been passed through the stages. If you want to also sell your adsense account no review site. To buy it you need to carefully do not get exposed to fraud and bilaperlu do Rekber so keep it safe. Good luck and good luck!