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- Maret 17, 2019
7 mistakes that Often 21 days Blogger beginner, currently the blogging world is not just a hobby to channel, but many also make this fun activity to earn income, even some people who have long been working in this the field of his well-to-do want blogging from blog that he manage.

It certainly makes some people are increasingly interested in trying the plunge in the blogging world, but need to know if you guys are pretty much the same error made by many bloggers newcomers, here I will write down some errors bloggers who often newcomers do.

7 mistakes that often do the beginner blogger

1. money-oriented

This is the most common mistakes I come across including I never experienced his or her wrong, no hope of earning from blogs that you manage and view the blog the senior success generates Millions to hundreds of millions of monthly is indeed be a great Motivation.

But you guys also need to be aware if all it does on get the mastah in a short time, they experience a lot of Trial and Error until the end of his getting an kesukses in their own way.

If you're blogging only for money-oriented, it will most likely 2 this will happen to you:

1.1 Menghimbaukan the quality of the article

Because from the beginning you dipikiran only money you will be less concerned about memperhartikan quality articles, you will probably write what many people have said being with the hope of quickly getting a visitor who can convert right into money.

1.2 Quitter

As many of you are oriented on the money if you already take care of the blog that you manage for a few months it turns out results in Zero can sure ye will be disappointed and chances are you will stop being a blogger.

2. Focus solely on Google Adsense

Google Adsense is just 1 of many of his choices of how you can earn money from blogs that you manage, I often see the newcomers give the question:
How do I received his google adsense?
How do I get a lot of results from google adsense?

These questions often times I see but rarely I see question how do I create a high quality article, but if the article we make quality and does not violate the TOS, is sure his party google adsense would be happy to receive our blog as their partners (Publisher)

3. Do not want to learn to write quality articles

What is presented by the bloggers on their blog is a content, and most of the content is in the form of writing, if you do not want to learn how to write a quality article is certainly her this would be a barrier on the way Blogging for you.

The tip of the tip of him if you do not want to learn to write an article you can potentially become very Copas article belongs to others, and of course it is strongly not recommended.

4. Choose a Design Blog that bad taste in Perspective

People visiting the blog you guys to read the article you wrote, so why is the display of the blog you guys are comfortable to be viewed in quite a long time, stay away from contrasting color selection and dazzle the eye or add lots of widgets make loading the blog so heavy.

So how do the example templates or look good is best? for example you can see the this is a good blog design, according to my own have the criteria as below
Alloy color that does not dazzle the eye
Using the widget according to your needs
Do not place ads in excess
Loading the blog belongs to the quick

5. Choose the Wrong Niche

A brief sense of his Niche is a theme that will you serve on blogs that you manage, many beginners who started her blogging by writing a niche that not even they liked, they wrote the novel merely because a lot of people that is to say if the Niche is going to bring a lot of Visitor or easier to make money.

but it is the first step wrong if you are a blogger a newcomer, if you are just starting out blogging, please choose the most Niche you are interested in, or master so that if the Niche you are interested in you will be glad to write niche such.

Writing heartfelt his surely will produce a good quality articles, quality articles of good will coming right many Visitor from google, well if you have really mastered the niche is new you can glance at and learn niche another.

6. Not consistent

as clever as anything you write articles or do her results a blog optimization at all will not be maximized if you aren't consistent, successful blog owner consistent attitude of his.