6 Tips so that children like to eat and proved successful

- Maret 18, 2019
Many parents complained about her son that has difficulty eating, in terms also do not want to eat the rice or vegetable. But if we see the children instead of hard-packed, but they don't like the food is presented to parents against coercion occurs.

Well why the hell this kid is hard-packed? the parents never used to give the impression that the child is naughty and wayward because it does not want to eat but better watch the children used to do these children really do not want to eat at all or because it usually before eating the child already filled in other foods like snack snacks or foods they like best?

We as parents need to learn to understand what could be the Favorites of the kids, and learn to make something a food that could divert the food they do not like being a favorite food. Now this is too much instant food or snack – snack which became a children's favorite for that we as parents have to learn to give an understanding of the children that food was not healthy ones.

In addition to helping them be aware of the dangers of food or snack snacks out there, you also need to do some tips and tricks to make the child want to eat on a regular basis including vegetables and fruits. More information you can get his or her information below. Read also: 5 Quick Tips so that Children of the street.

6 Tips so that children like to eat

1. Parents should be an example

These tips are sometimes never realize by we the mothers, because what the parents forced children to eat the vegetables while the parents rarely saw them eating vegetable. So for that we parents be an example while teaching the child to eat, for example, routinely eat together so the child see what the parents eat

2. Give a regular meal schedule

Give the meal schedule so willing to contribute, make it a habit to eat lah children have the habit of eating hours that fit. Try before eating don't give ciki snack or other foods that are not healthy. This is proven on my child always has a small or large babies are observed to have a regular meal hours starting 8 hours 9-10 breakfast, eat cake, 12 lunch 2-3 hours after that gives snacks, entrance 6 pm dinner. So after school the child already has its own habits without having to be forced.

3. when a minor's parents are feeding voraciously

Sometimes we as mothers sometimes there is no time to be patient, feeding the child. But now suppose the mothers learn to take the streets while feeding until can distract children so as not to become fixated on food. It is usually done in the afternoon the children can play while eating. It also became the arena of communication between parents and children so as to know what is their favorite.

4. Don't be too pushy

Without we realize we are often forced children so that want to eat, it in fact result in the child being membrontak because it is too forced. Invite your child to communicate about food and give the right understanding of what should and shouldn't be eaten too often. As we notify if too often to eat unhealthy foods will result in abdominal pain or you know if would not eat it later could be abdominal pain could be an ulcer. The communication right being understood to eat. Maybe if the child was a child or baby bring her exciting storytelling-exclamation sehinggan the child can open the mouth, do the one with the routine.

5. Variety of food

Give the child fare, for example, the child doesn't like carrots but rather eggs when cooking small pieces or soft digulungan entering the egg. Rajinlah Cook a rich cuisine that attract the attention of children. So the spirit in trying different variations with food each day.

6. Bring the child contribute to process food

Every food processing invite your child participate in the processing of food, so they understand at home healthier than outside the home. Begins processing of food that their penchant for being first. Taught them how to make it and once that is done then give him a meal.

So the one helpful tips so that the child will eat, hopefully these tips encourage other moms to notice the little food. Because everything in the start always has small all it will become second nature in their big moment. But the mothers also need to watch out for food in order to be balanced with its activities so that a fat child though still agile and clever.

Hopefully these tips useful Yes, congratulations parents fight for his mothers specifically because the child is a precious treasure of the Lord Aaamiiinnn ... You guys can also read some other useful articles on the site kontencaraviral.com. There are various interesting information you guys can get started the way drink up how good eating.