5 Tips so that Children are not nocturnal enuresis while sleeping

- Maret 25, 2019
It's good you know the tips so that children are not nocturnal enuresis while sleeping. This aims to avoid the little nocturnal enuresis continuously until the adults later. Shame, not when the nocturnal enuresis while growing into a teenager. But actually, some children will probably stop nocturnal enuresis in a certain age. It is important for You to know all the causes and how to cope with children nocturnal enuresis when sleeping. Here is the complete review.

How Many Children Age Limit Nocturnal Enuresis?

If your children are still nocturnal enuresis? Taukah you child bedwetting habit will greatly affect their social life. In fact often the child will feel ashamed if asked a question of nocturnal enuresis while sleeping or ridiculed the same brothers themselves.  Especially when the children are invited to stay at a friend's House, then he would be very anxious for fear of being discovered artisan nocturnal enuresis. Then, how the child's age limit of nocturnal enuresis? He's explanation.
Behenti children's nocturnal enuresis by itself the average child's nocturnal enuresis is indeed at the age ranging from 6-7 years.  But actually, every child is different, there are also 12 years old still ngomol while sleeping. Even so, as a parent it goes without worry because most children will be able to control his bladder one by itself. But, need dingat if the child is age 5 nocturnal enuresis is more than 3 times at night then the pediatrician needs to be checked.

What Are The Causes Of Nocturnal Enuresis A Child?

Some parents may want to know the tips so that children are not nocturnal enuresis while sleeping. But earlier, know first what causes children like nocturnal enuresis? Simple alert is bed wetting children mature enough to control functions in the body. One of them is hold your urine by engaging the muscles and nerves as a function of the body. As for the cause of children's nocturnal enuresis is as follows.

Some children are capable of producing excessive urine when sleeping.
Some children can not wake up when the bladder is full start. So that the child may only dream of going to the bathroom and end up incontinent in bed.

Not uncommon to have kids the bladder cannot hold more urine than other children. Gradually the child can already control the biological one and using the toilet alone.

5 Tips so that Children are not nocturnal enuresis while sleeping For small children is normal for them to pee in the pants or nocturnal enuresis in bed. But, after taking his mature mother would always teach the piss in the toilet. This kind of way is one example of the train in order to control the biological one. Well, here's the tips so that children are not nocturnal enuresis while sleeping you should know.

Make it a habit to do routine before going to bed at night. Some of them such as urination, brushing my teeth, wash hands, wash away, and wash your face. At least the little one had to go to the toilet before going to bed. Then if the child wakes up in the middle of the night, please ask if want to go to the toilet or not.

Give your child drink intake during the day are enough, but in the evening should be limited. For example, do not drink tea or coffee because they can trigger the children more often to pee.
Never wake up son when sleep to pee. Because will only interfere with sleeping children, thus making the children irritated, angry and difficult to fall asleep again. This way will not help the child bedwetting habit mengentikan.

Don't let the children feel thirsty. Try to remind the children to always drink plain water. How to provide a bottle of special children's drinking water when waking up in the night.

Know how many times the child wants to pee in one day. Normally a child going to the toilet as much as 4-7 times a day. So you can start to set the intensity of the Pee boy with ask on how he usually urinates.

It's her child some causes of bedwetting and this disorder is not an intentional thing, but indeed because it is still difficult to hold your pee. May the blessings of the 5 tips so that children are not nocturnal enuresis while sleeping on top of a benefit to you.